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About Us


BEAT THE STREETS is a program that creates positive, engaging, content for your children through live and virtual entertainment. Our content tells stories that are motivational, inspiring and empowering, leading to your child being encouraged to achieve their academic and personal goals.


Our Story

We know everyone loves media and entertainment, especially our young people. They engage in content on Television, Apple Music, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitch and more. We understand that what we watch and what we listen to can have an impact on us without us even knowing. For young people, even more so, because of how impressionable they are. We saw a need for content that leaves a positive impact rather than a negative one. Content that leaves young people with motivational and inspirational thoughts rather than negative or unproductive thoughts.


Nearly being kicked out of school, I was given an ultimatum, read this book and you will stay in school. That book was called "We Beat The Streets". This book told the story of three teenagers who make a promise to each other to become doctors. That book was so engaging to me, I read the whole thing. When I met a group of people through the arts and it came time to make content, that book became an inspiration to our program, allowing us to create content for students to help inspire them just like I was inspired. Now we provide live and virtual entertainment for students all of the United States, telling powerful life changing stories that students can really relate to and learn from. 

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