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Tickets only $13 per person

  • BEAT THE STREETS PLAY has reached over 800,000 YOUNG PEOPLE across the country, telling a story about teenagers who decide to do something different to beat the streets and circumstances around him. This fall it returns to in-person programs! 

  • THE PROGRAM CHANGES every year touching on different topics such as peer pressure, college and career prep, higher education, conflict resolution, how to work together or against each other to accomplish their goals and more.

  • BEAT THE STREETS has inspired tens of thousands of young people to make positive pacts with each other to accomplish their educational goals. Students have gone to college and universities as a direct result of this program

  • Due to Covid-19, the BEAT THE STREETS capacity will be limited. Every school will have their own section. Those who cannot make our live showing will be able to see the program through our live stream option for $499.99.

  • BEAT THE STREETS LIVE will feature special guests, musical performances, games, prizes and more along with a brand new story that will talk about the climate we are in today. Tickets are only $12 per person!



                               GET TICKETS NOW!


UPCOMING DATES- CALL 313-615-9296 for tickets

ATLANTA- March 2nd-3rd 2023

CINCINNATI- March 6th 2023

CHARLOTTE-March 21st 2023

DETROIT-March 23 2023

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