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  • OUR LIVE PROGRAM HAS BEEN CALLED "THE BEST FIELD TRIP OF ALL TIME" by countless students. Over 500,000 students have witnessed the "Beat the Streets" stage production with a new story every year. The VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE takes the same engaging approach in educating students while entertaining them

  • THE CENTER PIECE of the program is telling a story of hope and working together to accomplish a common goal. Students experience their journey and by the end they are inspired, motivated and as a result become better students based on our surveys. 

  • THE BEAT THE STREETS virtual experience 1.0 will take students through hours of footage. The program will test them, ask them to make decisions for characters as they see the affect these decisions will have on the story 

  • THIS PROGRAM will be offered at a set price for the ENTIRE student body or for a single student. The school will receive the code for the program and all students can experience it at once. ALSO included in our program is the LIVE STREAMED EVENT 

  • THE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE will continue to expand over time. Every six months there will be another chapter added

  • THIS PROGRAM will show, in a groundbreaking way, the importance of college and career readiness, conflict resolution, the importance of school, suicide prevention, working together, goal setting, self esteem, stopping violence and more.

  • THE PROGRAM includes fitness/exercise, mock college applications, job applications, touches on financial literacy for 5th-12 graders, cyber bullying, drug use, gang activity and the CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS



Our Offers



This is the fee for a single student to experience the program. This will be good for a school year's worth of content. If you are a parent looking to provide this experience for your children, this is the option for you. Once signed up, a password protected link will be provided to you. All you have to do is press play and the entire household can enjoy. The student will also be able to receive personalized messages from mentors throughout the program as well. 

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This is regular price for our program. This is a one time fee for the ENTIRE student body to experience the BEAT THE STREETS VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE 1.0.  The school will receive their unique code to allow all of their students to participate in the program. As other chapters are released onto the virtual platform there will be add on options for students to continue their journey in the program. Also, chances to win prizes. This also includes school wide tickets to our live streamed main event in December

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This is a one time fee for the entire student body to experience BEAT THE STREETS 1.0. This also includes copies of the book "WE BEAT THE STREETS" and "DEAR MARTIN". Books that have inpsired this program

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